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This luxurious Hand & Body Lotion pampers your skin with deep hydration and a captivating fragrance. Rich botanical oils and Vitamin E nourish and protect, leaving skin soft and smooth. The scent is a sophisticated blend of crisp Queensland pear, warm vanilla, and a hint of clove for a touch of intrigue. Free from harsh chemicals, it's perfect for those seeking luxury and clean ingredients.


At first spritz, this fragrance bursts with a juicy and invigorating wave of pear, lemon, and orange. The citrusy zest gives way to a heart of floral elegance with soft carnations and creamy gardenia. Unexpected twists emerge with the woody warmth of rosewood and the crisp bite of green apple. As the scent settles, a touch of powdery heliotrope lingers, interwoven with the rich warmth of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla, leaving a trail of sophisticated sweetness.