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Upgrade your car's atmosphere with the Car Diffuser, a small and sophisticated design that seamlessly integrates with your vent. This unobtrusive accessory delivers a delightful fragrance experience without sacrificing style.

Each Car Diffuser comes with two Fragrance Pods, crafted to infuse your car with a captivating scent for up to two months. Enjoy a long-lasting aroma that keeps your drives fresh and inviting.


This fragrance is a captivating blend of freshness and sophistication. The initial burst awakens your senses with a vibrant citrus duo of sparkling lemon and zesty bergamot. As the scent unfolds, a delicate heart of lotus flower emerges, its clean and aquatic notes mingling with the intoxicating sweetness of jasmine. The fragrance deepens with a touch of earthy patchouli, grounding the composition. The base leaves a warm and comforting trail, where creamy vanilla and sensual musk intertwine, creating a lasting impression of elegance and subtle sensuality.